Dungeon Escape

Ever gone to sleep and had dreams where you get sliced up by spinning circles, impaled on spikes and consumed by a relentless army of red blocks? No? You’re probably better at games than I am then. I’m pretty sure I have some PTSD from this genre.

Dungeon Escape is basically Super Meat Boy in lite form.

This may sound like a negative thing, but for me, it’s not – because I need something a little easier than SMB to not ragequit. It has the same level of smooth gameplay, interesting levels, intuitive design and excellent music/sound but is a little simpler and easier. Tempting to the more casual gamer, but with still enough challenge for those who want to cash in on that hardcore tag.

The only bad thing I can really say about this game is that hidden traps that will one shot but you cannot see any indicator for are dumb. It means if you successfully complete a portion, you can die for no reason just because the developers want you to, and have to repeat the level remembering where that trap was. Perhaps some people would say that’s an interesting mechanic, but for me personally it adds an extra element of frustration in a game already extremely good at being frustrating. That joyous feeling of “Heck yeah! I did it! I completed that section after 58 million tries!” being instantly squashed by “Oh but the developers want me to do it again, and I’m dead now.” is not fun for me.


  • Smooth intuitive gameplay.
  • Very responsive and simple movement / jumping.
  • Good variety on monsters, levels and traps.
  • Excellent level design with increasing difficulty.
  • Very suitable sound/music.

Could go either way:

  • Very similar to Super Meat Boy
  • Easier and simpler than some hardcore platformers, although still definitely a challenge for players like me.


  • HIDDEN traps are a dumb mechanic that punish players for being successfull
  • The hitboxes can sometimes be a little bit off, leading to frustration.
  • No replayability once you’ve completed the 50 levels.

Recommended to people who enjoy the hardcore platformer genre, and have already played superior games such as Super Meat Boy, but it might be worth waiting for a sale / bundle.


I'm Athravan! 34 year old lady from Wales who loves writing and sharing her opinion. I'm not big or famous and I'm not sure I'm even good at this, but I'd like to think I'm fair, honest and hopefully a little bit fun too.

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