Fables from the Den

Fables from the Den is a digital children’s book. Each story is a fable as the title suggests and so each short story teaches a moral lesson, using woodland creatures as characters. The dialogue is simple and effective. This would make a lovely print book, as the art work is superb. I read each of the stories out loud to my son (this should not take more than an hour even reading out loud slowly). He is too young to understand them yet but enjoys hearing my voice, and I liked reading them. We will be re-visiting this book later on when he can get the full meaning of the stories. They are definitely suitable from a young age, but I can’t imagine they have much to offer people who don’t have children in their lives unless you are a massive fan of the Shelter artwork and animals.

The downside is of course that these are on PC (or TV if you have yours set up that way), which is not an ideal way to read to children. I gave this a go, and enjoyed reading them out to my son – but quickly realized sitting with him in front of a PC for him to enjoy the pictures wasn’t ideal. If this was a physical book, or even on tablet, it would make for a better bedtime story read. For this reason it gets a neutral recommendation for me as a steam game.

If you are looking for a story book on the PC or have your TV set up in the bedroom where your kid is going to be able to see the words and pictures then I do recommend it – it is well written, with beautiful illustrations. If this was on tablet, I could see myself reading these stories to my child every night and showing him the cute images – but for practical reasons, I don’t think I will get much use out of it. I couldn’t justify giving this a negative rating – it is perfectly executed, but for me, steam just doesn’t work as a platform for reading.


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