Dead Exit

Zombie Party!

I’m a big post-apocalyptic fan, and I like card games and strategy, so when I saw this listed in new releases I was intrigued. There were no steam reviews, nothing in the entire discussion forum (which is very unusual) so I ummed and ahhed over making the purchase. Ultimately it was the price that made me take the plunge, that and steams robust refund system.

Simple Premise; Complicated Actions

The premise is simple. It’s the zombie apocalypse, you have to get a car and resources and then escape the city. You’ve seen it a million times before. You have a game board which includes the city, inside your base, outside your base, trade, sacrifice and your stockpile. The game presents you with two options to start you off; single player (solitaire) and multiplayer. Since I do not know anyone with the game, and the playerbase is currently tiny, this is mostly a review of the single player game. In single player you are versus no one, but simply trying to get the highest score and escape, with a selection of 8 difficulties from tutorial all the way up to impossible. You can choose how many sets you need to win, how many bases you control, and can toggle an extra dead card.

Your cards are made of up the dead, character cards, action/location/special cards and resources. The aim is to get as many resources into your stockpile, whilst using your character cards to remove the dead cards before you are over-run.Although the premise is simple, the game cards are pretty complicated. I had to do a lot of reading and thinking even in the tutorial whilst trying to get to grips with the cards. They have a lot more depth than many card games, with cards having multiple actions depending on where they’re placed.

Example: I have a scavenger card. If I play it on an outside tile, I take a random card from the city, or I can take a card from the graveyard if it’s a resource. But if I play her inside, I kill a dead card from my base. If that dead card turns out to be food, I put it in my stockpile. Or I can sacrifice her, and put her in the graveyard to look through the graveyard and take another character card from it. Or I can put her in my stockpile, and add up my score to escape the city. And that’s one of the simpler cards. Many cards interact with each other in a multitude of ways, and you can play combos and loops to make a turn last a long time.


In multiplayer you have more depth, because some cards interact with other bases – you can choose to send zombies to another player for example. In solitaire mode, some cards don’t do what they should since they can’t, and sometimes the only option is your base rather than throwing hordes at your opponent. This game would be a great party game or something fun for a group of friends. It plays up to 8 both locally and online, which is really nice to see, as a lot of games are limited to four. I don’t actually have 8 friends, but maybe one day I will!


The graphics are very very busy. The text can be hard to read and the icons don’t have mouseovers for more detailed explanations although there is a visual guide to the symbols you can pop up at the bottom. I found it very hard to see at a glance what a card did or how it affected my board because of this and just felt that it looked jumbled and messy – not a clean space. I know art is subjective, but I think it looks kinda ugly – not to an extent that would stop me playing it though.

[Edit 23rd June]As a side note, I brought up a bug regarding achievements and the developer immediately responded and fixed them. Not only that, but the updated the card graphics to be cleaner and easier to read too! 10/10 on listening to feedback.

Overall this seems like a solid little strategy card game for those who enjoy the zombie genre. Grab a few friends to play if you can!


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