The Wild Eight (EA)

The Wild Eight is an online co-op or single player survival game. It was funded on Kickstarter in April 2016 with 1,257 backers raising $59,644 and released into Early Access on Steam on 8th February 2017. At the time of writing, there was no published release date for the full game.

Note: This is an Early Access review of v0.4.3 “Bunker Update”, and can only attest to what was in the game as of June 2017.

The Wild Eight is a co-op survival game where you play one of eight characters (each having a different strength), who have survived a plane crash in a snow-filled forest. You can play in single player perfectly adequately, or play with a group to survive and explore together. It focuses on exploration and survival (food, water, temperature and monsters), with a small amount of building (just a couple of set items) and crafting. Whilst the world and the items are quite limited at the moment, it really excels in atmosphere and some of the indoor locations are fantastic. Creepy, interesting and surprising in some ways – I’m not putting any spoilers here though! There is a quest system, but the game can be played fairly openly, you’re not obligated to follow the order directed at all.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Eerie and fitting soundtrack
  • Tough survival, but has two modes and the easier difficulty is much more forgiving
  • Proper co-op survival where you work together.
  • A fair few different inside/building locales, with some surprises in store
  • Quite a few different items


  • Early Access
  • Currently fairly limited amount of monsters
  • The outside world looks very similar
  • Whilst survival (food/water/heat/outside animals) feels balanced, there are a few special monsters that feel VERY tough right now.
  • Multiplayer can currently be a bit laggy.

Is it worth it?

I was one of the 1200 folks to back this game on Kickstarter and I was pretty sad it didn’t make any of the stretch goals, and barely got through at all. Nothing I’ve kickstarted has released on time, and this game is no exception, with a kickstarter release date of Dec 2016 (EA keys were sent in Feb 2017). I was a little disappointed back in February, but the recent bunker update was fantastic. It has made some decent progress since that date, and to me, the existing game is now worth the money – with the promise of much more to come so I’m happy to recommend it.

It’s a game that needs more – more items, more locations, more monsters – but I’m pleased with the core of this game, happy I supported it on Kickstarter and happy to recommend it.
Thumbs up – and massively looking forward to this progressing into a full game.


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