Warstone TD (EA)

This is an Early Access review written as of build v0.92, June 2017.

Warstone is a tower defense game with some extra depth that makes it really stand out versus other games in the genre. I think Kingdom Rush will always remain my favourite in this category, but Warstone has really raised the bar and exceeded all my expectations – especially given the low price.

At the core of the game you build and upgrade towers (units) of varying strengths and weaknesses that automatically attack moving targets to gain resources. It’s what makes a tower defense game, and this game plays out very similarly in those respects. You additionally have some spells/abilities, and you can also equip and find items to help you.

So How is it Different?

It also has a “town” screen where you accept quests, learn about new things, construct buildings and upgrade them, purchase items, manage your skills and so on. It has resources that carry over and you then use to improve your base. These resources are infinite technically as you can repeat maps, but in reality that’s grindy – so you have to make a strategic choice about what you’re doing. This adds an extra layer in addition to the standard defense map.

It also has the addition of multiplayer in two different modes, either co-op or vs. where you can work with (or against) another player. It has leaderboards and multiplayer is a lot of fun – although the playerbase is quite small so sometimes you do have to wait a while to find a partner.

But let’s break it down into a list..

The Pros:

  • Cute, attractive, colourful graphics
  • Good sound effects ♫ ♫ ♫
  • Loads of different maps with good level design
  • Extensive single player campaign with story-mode
  • Multiplayer and Co-Op maps, with leaderboards adding replayability and making farming resources more fun
  • Base map where you construct and upgrade
  • Strategic choices need to be made ♞♜♚
  • Regular updates
  • 100 achievements (which you might love or hate)

The Cons:

  • Early Access
  • Can get grindy
  • Sometimes long waits for a multiplayer map due to small playerbase
  • I find the story/writing a little bit boring/predictable

Early Access

This game is early access, but at the time of reviewing, even if this was the full game, I would be happy with my purchase. It has an absolute ton of content, and seems very well polished. Yes, there are some bugs and some things that need to be tweaked/balanced – but there have been regular and consistent updates both bug fixing, stat balancing and content additions. Several suggestions made by players have been implemented, and the devs clearly listen to and interact with their players. I’m very happy with how this has progressed, and think it’s worth picking up early. I bought this on day one and have no regrets.

Recommended – One of the better Tower Defense games I’ve played, with enough depth and updates to make an EA purchase worth it.


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