Hell Girls [NSFW]

Warning: Screenshots contain some NSFW content.

Hell Girls is a link & match game with a hefty dollop of anime fanservice on top. It’s casual, it’s got terrible, cliché dialogue and the desperate attempts to add sexual overtones just made me giggle and facepalm a little. But despite that all sounding negative… it actually works. It’s fun, it has an up-beat fighting style soundtrack, bright colours and quite a bit of content. The opponents are reasonabley varied, and each does have a skill that makes you play a little differently. You have three characters and you can choose between them for most of the maps; with a few maps being locked to one specific type. You can choose their spells and upgrade them, and there are a few outfits that get skimpier and skimpier (naturally, who doesn’t go into battle in their underwear or a bikini) but do actually make a difference to gameplay.

It just works and argh, it’s addictive!

Most people will describe this as match 3 but I call it link & match – you can make long chains of as many matches as you want going in any direction. The longer the chain, the higher the reward (physical damage, magic damage, armor or health) and the bigger the bonuses. Each character has a unique bonus that triggers from the special spellbooks that are created from long chains. Making combos and setting up the board for something massive is genuinely entertaining, and makes you think ahead a little. It doesn’t have a great deal of depth though, and goes from insanely easy to annoyingly hard in an instant.

Of course it’s all very x-lite. It’s a casual game through and through and yet I STILL KEPT PLAYING IT! No matter how dumb I think the sexual cutscenes and skimpy outfits are, I simply cannot deny that I enjoyed playing this game. So much so, I 100%’ed it.


  • Genuinely fun, addictive gameplay
  • Just enough differences to add some strategy to stop it getting boring
  • Large map, plenty of content
  • Achievement hunters will find it relatively easy to get 100% on
  • Atmospheric fighting music ♬ ♬


  • Stupid sexualisation and anime fanservice (maybe you’ll put that in the pros, if you do, I’ll try not to judge you.. but you’re making it hard for me)
  • Terrible storyline, including plenty of typos and poor translation on some things. Seeing angels constantly typoed angles from one character triggered me. The angles will save us! Mmhmm.
  • Pretty easy for the first map, then grindy for the second with nothing in between
  • Does get repetitive

What can I say? This is a game that I hate that I love. I recommend it if you’re looking for a casual matching game, but I wish it had more depth and better writing.


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