The Wolf Among Us

I can’t believe it’s been over 3 years since this game released. I recently looked through my library and was attempting to categorize things – I didn’t get very far! I realized that this was a game that I’d fully completed – but never got around to reviewing. Time to rectify that!

Apply the usual Telltale Format

The Wolf Among Us is an episodic game from Telltale; and follows their fairly tried and tested format of light point and click with QTE combat. I find the gameplay itself a little clunky and limiting and certainly not the strength of the game. The strength here is definitely the storytelling which I found extremely well written and engaging.

It is a dark retelling of some familiar fairy tales, where some memorable childhood characters are trapped in a dreary half-life, living under strict rules to protect the magical, terrified of being sent to “the farm”. The Big Bad Wolf (Bigby) is the sheriff, investigating some brutal murders and unconvering piece by piece a conspiracy at the heart of the community. You can play Bigby as a cold-hearted cruel taskmaster, or a tortured good guy trying to atone…. or something in between. A realistic hybrid, a character with depth.

It’s a crime-mystery storyline that pulls you in and drags you along at a good pace. Throw in a smidge of romance, a dollop of friendship and an awful lot of anger simmering beneath the surface and you’ve got a good drama brewing. It manages to be quite dark and emotional in places, whilst making me laugh in others. In short, it’s a bloody good story.


  • Gripping writing and unique storyline.
  • Believeable characters and good voice acting.
  • Dark aesthetic.
  • Choice of playstyles through dialogue.


  • Telltale’s engine is dated and clunky.
  • The only action comes from QTE events.
  • The choices offer different dialogues, but ultimately aren’t always meaningful.
  • A fairly short game, around 8 hours should complete it.

This is my second favourite Telltale game, the first being The Walking Dead (Season One), so I’d definitely recommend it to those looking for an engaging and unique story.


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