Tomb of Tyrants

Aren’t there enough Match 3 games in the world, you ask? The answer is nope, not yet!

Tomb of Tyrants is a Match 3 (technically 4) / RPG hybrid with the twist being you’re matching tiles to create a deadly dungeon. Depending on what tiles you match, you create a deathtrap filled with different rooms, cunning traps and angry minions in order to fight off those pesky adventurers that want to slay your tyrant. You roll the row to make a match (in a similar style to 10mil / You must build a boat), but you can also move in multiple directions in a single move and when a tile is used blocks can fall as well (physics matching?), tetris style. There are a fair few tile types, but thankfully you get a mouseover on each one because it would be a nightmare to remember everything. Less thankfully you have to squint at the screen to actual read the text most of the time.

It’s a deep strategy game from the very first playthrough. Deceptively hard, it really took me a little while to figure out, so despite being a match 3 game it’s really not casual at all. I’d definitely recommend having your coffee (or tea, if you’re British like me) before you launch this in the morning.

Imagine if the Dungeons series, Tetris and Bejewelled had a weird threesome baby…

Quite an ugly baby mind you, because the graphics are incredibly “retro”. I like a bit of retro gaming don’t get me wrong, but I also like a few more pixels too. Just one or two, pretty please? Playing this game on a 144mhz 37″ gaming monitor feels a bit redundant but it uses incredibly little space and resources so would be a great game for those playing games on a toaster-pc or for people wanting to challenge their eyes as well as their brain.

Enough waffle, I’ll break it down for you.


  • Unique concept
  • Deceptively complicated game play
  • Lots and lots of strategic elements
  • Good sense of player progression that saves even when you wipe

Cons: (they’re kinda all the same issue – visuals)

  • Retro retro graphics, which can sometimes make seeing what you’re doing a little difficult.
  • Text is hard to read even with the “double res font” option ticked.
  • The interface is incredibly cluttered and it can be hard to follow.

Considering this is made by a single guy, it’s pretty impressive overall but I do wish it was a wee bit easier on my old, tired eyes.

Recommended for the complex strategy. As long as Match 3 hybrids continue to bring something new to the table, I’ll keep lovin’ them.


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