15 minutes of waiting for something to happen…

I load into a basement and walk into a room with a simple desk, drawers, a cardboard box with some boots on it, a cupboard, note and some keys. I hit escape because the resolution is wrong, but there are no options. None at all. Whatever resolution it gave me, I’m stuck with.

Okay, nevermind. I try to interact with the less obvious things. What’s in the drawers? Nope can’t interact. The cupboard? The desk? This cardboard box? Can I pick up this random pair of boots? No, okay… I can literally just read the note and then the keys are picked up automatically. The game has a lot of props (many of which are repeated, the boots will return later and there’s a pizza box in almost every room!) but almost nothing is interactable with – just a couple of objects and doors in the entire game.

“The entire game” isn’t saying a lot, since it took me 15 minutes to complete it. It has two “puzzles” I suppose, both of which are inanely easy and simply require you to read something and then follow the instructions. There is an extra layer of challenge in the fact that if you miss the instructions for the first one, you’ll have to restart the game since it’s past a loading screen and you can’t go backwards. Excellent design.

It’s supposed to be a horror (or at least a thriller) game, and it does have some spooky effects – but the story doesn’t really make any sense and I didn’t even feel a slight chill or sense of apprehension for the playthrough. My friends can tell you that I will jump out of my skin at an unexpected sound when in a call with someone and I frequently get trolled by them deliberately trying to spook me. I’m a nervous person and usually find horror games very mentally taxing, but there simply wasn’t any sense of atmosphere here at all. I would be okay with my son playing this game, even a child isn’t going to find it scary.

I didn’t hate my 15 minutes of playtime and the price is cheap, just £1 on release day, but I have to think did I enjoy myself? Not really. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen, and then the game was over. The game feels like a concept demo for something. Perhaps something a new developer might put on their portfolio when applying for a job, released as a free game to get some constructive feedback. There are no steam achievements, but there are steam trading cards. You will have to idle the game for ~4 hours to get them though, as there is zero replayability.

Definitely not recommended, even if it ends up being free.


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