Loot Hound

This is a super simple incredibly casual game that’s very relaxing to play – as long as you don’t mind just wandering about collecting loot. The loot is actually interesting, although it has no stats or bearing on the game and is literally just a collectible item. Why do I want this loot then, you ask? Well, it has an “epic” sounding announcer who declares the name (sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes disgust) and a tidbit of information when you put it in your display cabinet.

There is an attempt at adding depth. For example, different dogs (3 total) have different abilities (small dog can fit through a small gap, tough dog can scare off wildlife). There are some stats that you have to level up using your loot points, so a dog with a high amount of concentration won’t get distracted whilst digging, or a dog with stamina can go longer before the day is over – but ultimately you simply progress from park to park and use WASD to wander around until your dog digs something up. You smirk at the announcer then head back home to read the flavour text, choose a different dog if you couldn’t reach something, rinse and repeat.

Board with a Nail In It: Tetanus loves me some board with a nail in it. This is an accidental weapon that just happened and has caused more injuries than the rake and bannana peel combined.

Yeah, typo included. A ton of the flavour text has typos. There’s even a typo in the store description. Indie devs need to invest in a proof reader now and again.


  • Very relaxing.
  • Charming graphics and cute animations.
  • Funny voice actor, amusing and unique descriptions.
  • A gazillion collectibles.
  • Upgrade system and attempt at adding depth with stats.
  • Would be a pretty good game to play with young kids.


  • No German Shepherd?! Unforgivable. Mine once brought me a live frog, beat that, Loot Hound.
  • Gets a bit grindy, since you start finding a lot of duplicates.
  • So many typos that should have been corrected.
  • Zero replayability after you’ve found the items.

Rare Steak: The reason this steak is rare is because it came from a cow named Brent who loved to swim. The swimming cow drowned and was used by a local restaurant for a special bbq in this park last week. Someone must have dropped it.

Bit morbid if you ask me. Poor Brent.

If you’re looking for an extremely casual and chilled out game to relax with – this could well be it. Definitely worth waiting for a sale though.


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