Corsair Strafe Cherry MX Silent

I’ve been using the Corsair Strafe (RGB) with Cherry MX Silent keys since June 2016. That’s over a year of extremely heavy typing (I work from home and will often type thousands of words in a day as well as gaming in the evening) and it still feels as fresh and responsive as the day I bought it. I haven’t seen anything on the market that’s tempted me to upgrade since then, and this model is still available on Amazon and other PC stores although hasn’t gone down in price at all since I purchased, currently sitting at £124.99 on Amazon – but check the price for yourself.

Official video from Corsair:


  • Several different key switches available to suit.
  • RGB model available.
  • CUE software for some extreme colour variations.
  • USB Port to rear.
  • Detachable wrist rest.
  • Multimedia controls.
  • Full anti-ghosting on all keys.
  • Re-programmable keys for macro functions.
  • Textured space bar.
  • 2 year Corsair warranty.

The switches I chose were the Cherry MX Silent – this is the world’s first keyboard with these switches. I’ve been reticent about mechanical keyboards in the past as I am quite sensitive to the clicking noise they make as they type. Whilst not actually “silent”, the Cherry MX are significantly muted and much quieter. With the Cherry MX I do not get people I’m in a voice chat with complaining about my typing, and I’m not slowly driven insane by clacky fingers. I came to this decision after browsing youtube videos and comparing the sound and I’d highly recommend you do the same. A gaming friend has the brown switches and much prefers the sound; so it can come down heavily to personal preference.

My pictures really don’t do it justice…

The keyboard itself is sleek and simple with smooth black keys and a textured wrist rest and space bar – the material is anodized aluminium. It doesn’t just look incredible, it’s built to last. If you like fancy looking shiny lights (who doesn’t?), there are supposedly up to 16 million colour combinations (I’m not counting!). The software provided allows you to set up different keys as different colours, as well as a multitude of light shows. I’m a simple lady (and also a little lazy) so for the majority of the time I have it on red back lighting – but the quickset profiles of being able to click and change to League of Legends or Overwatch lighting is pretty neat. Profiles can be saved and shared and there are some really cool user-created ones that you can download.

Should you happen to have other Corsair products such as a mouse or gaming headset (I’m using the Corsair Void Wireless RGB headset right now) you can also sync up the light profiles for extra colour co-ordination. Not that anyone ever sees me at my desk, but I’ll know I look cool!

The software also allows you to program a macro into any key on the keyboard, so although it does not come with specific macro keys, it has full macro functionality. This is better for me; my previous keyboard – the  Logitech G930 – had macro keys but they added a lot of bulk to the keyboard. This keyboard remains compact with no wasted space.

Other features include non-slip bottom, standard back raisers for typing flat or at an incline and a USB port to the rear. It has the multimedia keys you would expect, music and mute functionality and clearly displays when caps lock or number lock are on. The keys are exposed and cleaning can be done easily with compressed air – I do this every week, but my cat tends to sleep on the keyboard that doesn’t help.

The keys are fast, responsive, tactile – they look good and they feel good. I can type slightly faster with this keyboard than with my old non-mechanical keyboard and it really just feels good to type on. There is no doubt in my mind that these keys are superior and worth every penny. This keyboard really convinced me that Corsair offer high quality builds and can really compete at the very top end of the gaming market. So much so my very next purchase – my headset – was also a Corsair.

Yup, this keyboard can take a better pounding than me on date night. I’m just showing off. Give it a go at Typing Test and reply with your results if you want!



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