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This is a bubble shooter game – a casual strategy/puzzle genre where you shoot things at other things, if the colours match then they pop. The aim is to clear the level, in this case of cute (but evil) creatures known as the Minax. Supermagical has added some depth to the genre, with a simple story that drives the levels forward, and RPG elements such as (fairly limited) equipment (hats) and ingredients you have to collect to craft spells (character upgrades). You can use “soda” to activate special abilities, “sweets” to change the colour of your gun and “chococoins” to purchase quest items, crafting ingredients and more sweeties. Yeah, the whole thing just screams “I’M CUTE.” There are a couple of mini-games such as a memory-pair game and hidden object games (find the treasure for each stop).

Bright and Happy

The art is great – extremely bright, attractive cartoon / comic book style. I love it, but in limited doses please. The animations are smooth and satisfying and the sound is appropriately upbeat to match. There are a lot of levels, and you can replay them to max out your stars (although this seems to be purely for an achievement) but after playing it for a while I did find the levels felt fairly similar. Definitely a game better played in small chunks than long gameplay sessions. The whole cuter-than-cute style won’t suit everyone as well – but would definitely be a good family-friendly game and age appropriate for just about anyone. My four month old son watched me play this and was enthralled. Start em young, right?

Not catered to PC players.

Unfortunately, here’s the reason I won’t be recommending it at full price. This was originally released on the mobile market as a free to play game with in-app purchases. The developers say the controls have been changed to adapt to PC, but the UI has not been updated and it’s clear that the “swipe and shoot” mechanic is very much a direct port from a touchpad and not the standard way you would expect to play a game with a mouse and keyboard. It’s not an intuitive movement at all. Graphical improvement is listed for the PC – but it seems to be a simple upscaling to 1080p, there are no resolution options or window options at all. This must be played in fullscreen, as there are zero options, which does not cater to different monitor sizes or the fact that a lot of people like to alt tab and multi-task whilst PC gaming, especially when the game is this casual. It does not feel like any real effort was made to accomodate PC players and the basic updates I would expect from a mobile port are simply missing.

Something that I noticed is that the three reviews featured on the store page are from 2012 – 2 reviews of the mobile game and 1 from the PS Vita. The awards listed on the side are for the various mobile versions. I feel this is somewhat misleading. As a free to play mobile game I would definitely recommend this. That does not mean I feel the same about it being a $5 Steam game with no PC customization or options. It’s disengenous for a developer to list a positive quote from a review or a sleugh of awards for a different version of the game and not clearly state that. This isn’t the first developer to do it, and since Steam doesn’t police the content of the store pages, it won’t be the last – but it’s something I think folks should be aware of.


  • Bright and attractive art style
  • Cute names and story
  • Suitable for all ages, so a good family game
  • Simple gameplay that’s easy to grasp
  • Lots of content


  • Feels quite repetitive/grindy after the first couple of hours of gameplay
  • Controls not intuitive for PC
  • No graphics, resolution or windowed options for PC
  • Has the feel of a direct mobile port without adjustments

It is an enjoyable game if you are looking for a casual puzzle game with an upbeat soundtrack and bright graphics. My recommendation is to wait for a heavy sale / bundle.

I would like to thank Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team (try saying that fast three times) for giving me a copy of the game to review.


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