Riot Merchandise – Volibear & Fizz

I’m a big league of legends fan, although I don’t get to play much these days. I still enjoy the lore and the champions and follow the game as it evolves. I’ve been playing since 2012 on and off, but I’ve never been very good. These days with a newborn it’s quite hard to get the time but I still sneak in a quick game now and then after he’s gone to bed. I’ve enjoyed being part of the game as it changed and as soooo many new champs were added. I’ve made a ton of good friends through playing league too (yes, that’s right, friends! There are nice players, honest!) and overall it gives me happy feelings.

Riot recently started their new “collectible” Plush series. The first two, numbered #01 and #02 (logically) are Fizz and Volibear. I tried to choose just one, but in the end, of course, I had to have them both!

Standing at 7″ tall, the quality of both Volibear and Fizz is great. It was designed in the USA, but worth noting they are still made in China. Nonetheless the stitching is excellent and the fabric perfect. The colours really pop (especially on Voli) and I am incredibly happy with these cute iconic plushies with their oversized heads and tiny limbs. The downside comes in the word “collectible”. They do come in a collectible box, but it is cardboard. Although it is a fairly thick cardboard, the simple fact is that cardboard boxes will not stand the test of time. It’s hard to wipe them down effectively when they get dusty and they are prone to general wear and tear as well as humidity damage. For these to really be collectibles I would have loved to pay a bit more and had them in a plastic display box. Of course not everyone cares about packaging when buying a plush, but I think at least some of those who are buying something from a collectible series would have preferred the option to upgrade to a more hard wearing display. The box design itself is good though, I just wish it was a more durable material.

Volibear – The Thunder’s Roar

I first remember realizing Voli could be fun when I watched a SivHD YouTube video where he ran around the map shouting “Bear, bear, bear, bear, bear, FLIP!!” and it just looked sooo much fun! Volibear looks like a mean bear but deep down I suspect he loves a cuddle. He’s fun to play and I like taking him top lane, charging into fights and running people down. I do not usually end up with a positive score but let’s focus on the important things. He’s mine now!

The Ursine do not know fear, and neither will you as you hug this unbearably cute Volibear plush!

Fizz – The Tidal Trickster

Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! So cute!!I find Fizz quite difficult to play (I’m not a mid player, I actually main support, of course) and I hate facing him, but man he looks cute on my shelf!  I love him. I made a sound like a half-strangled cat when I opened the box, which had my husband looking at me in concern. When I told him my Riot Plushies had arrived, his concern only seemed stronger. Weird.

Snuggle up with the Tidal Trickster!

I think maybe Fizz is a bit cuter (those ears!), but I prefer the strong colour contrast on Voli and I also have a stronger attachment to him having played him quite a lot in league. I wonder what the next champ will be? My favourite league champs are all supports (and Teemo of course – don’t hate me) – so I’m hoping for one of those! Lulu, riot please?

You can buy these collectible Plushies along with quite a few other Plush and various merchandise (wish I could afford them all!) on the Riot Merchandise Store.



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